Review: Babelight

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When Babeland offered the Babelight on their list of toys to review I thought it would be great to get a hold of because MasterDoc and I need a new flashlight for our toybag. In a darkened club (particularly if your bag is black), a flashlight is invaluable so that you can find stuff in your toybag. That the Babelight doubles as a vibrator sounded just spiffy.

Initially I was disappointed that there’s no switch, so you have to untwist the top to turn it off (effectively disconnecting the AAA battery). I also wished that there was a way to use the two functions separately – the vibe and flashlight are on at the same time. But my initial dismay lessened when MasterDoc pointed out, “So the flashlight is on while the vibe is on? That’s really slutty! That’s hot!” In a darkened club while you play with yourself with this vibe, the flashlight highlights your pussy. We played around with it in the dark for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised that the vibrations were strong enough to potentially get me off (I didn’t come from it but I had no trouble getting close. It was more a matter of not asking permission to come.) The lightbulb started getting warm after a while, but it never got hot enough to hurt me. I think this would limit the amount of time you could use this for. As for using it as a flashlight, I’m sure it will be handy to have in our toybag but a little annoying to have it buzzing away while I use it to search for toys. So overall I have some reservations about it, but for just $14 it’s a handy thing to have in your toybag, and as MasterDoc said it’s pretty hot to have a spotlight on your bits while you get yourself off in front of a crowd.